Datuk Vinod Sekhar is the head of the Petra Group, a Malaysian company that’s known for its rubber recycling and renewable energy. With a clear vision in mind, Vinod hopes to make the world a more sustainable place to live in.

He is particularly focusing on Green Rubber, a patented disposal and recycling method that transforms old rubber into new rubber.

Vinod said: “The critical factor for us was: if you want to create a technology or solution that has an impact or will work as a solution for humanity’s problems then it must be commercial. If it is not commercial, people will not buy into it.

”The Petra Group owns the international patent rights to DeLink, which is thought to be the only commercially viable technology that allows scrap and waste rubber to be “devulcanized” within an environment that is safe and free of toxins. Visit Green Rubber Global.

The process involves breaking down tyre waste into a natural green rubber compound where nearly 100% of it can be resold and used to manufacture rubber products. The DeLink process means 70-80% of the post-consumer rubber or end-of-life tyres can be recovered. Green Rubber is the only patented process to devulcanize waste rubber so it can be recreated into a variety of high end applications like retreaded tires, shoe soles, automotive and industrial products and sporting goods.

This would be the first commercially viable waste-free technique to recycle more than one billion unwanted and discarded tyres around the world. It also produces Green Rubber, a new premium product that has the same durability of the rubber compound.

The De-Link compound is now sold in some Asian markets, namely Thailand, Indonesia and China, but the grand plan is to extend this service to Europe and North America. Therefore, taking this eco-friendly solution to the global market place will include taking many big steps forward.

While his current achievements are indeed impressive, one of the more notable awards he received was when he received the prestigious Global Green Award from Global Green USA for Green Rubber. Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhiyuddin Yassin presented the award to Datuk Vinod Sekhar, who was the youngest, only Asian, and third ever non-American, after President Mikhail Gorbachev and Giorgio Armani, to receive the award.