Corrugated boxes are seen just about everywhere and are used in practically every industry at one point or another. In fact, the corrugated box is often taken for granted. A Corrugated box may look simple but there is a lot more to it than meets the eye when it comes to the design and manufacturing of these boxes. The corrugated box is designed to be lightweight and versatile with a high strength-to-weight ratio. These are just two of the many reasons that have made corrugated boxes extremely popular for shipping, storage and other purposes.

Creating and manufacturing reliable corrugated boxes
Whether it’s a small piece of delicate crystal or a large heavy-duty appliance, chances are a corrugated box supplier can design or supply the right type of box for just about any type of item for shipping or storage. Research and development are constantly on the move to improve certain characteristics of corrugated materials and boxes such as durability, moisture barriers, and print-ability. Corrugated box suppliers offer thousands of types of board types, sizes, coatings, and weight basis for shipping and storing all types of products and materials the most cost-effective way. By using high-tech computer-aided manufacturing systems, suppliers are able to create custom packaging solutions at cost-effective prices.

What makes corrugated so good
Any good corrugated box supplier will tell that corrugated products are the number one choice for shipping items across the globe. Besides its many board types, corrugated is also lightweight and durable. Corrugated is also extremely protective and combines structural rigidity with superior cushioning qualities which make it perfect for protecting against drops, impacts, vibrations, and weight. Another unique factor that corrugated offers is that it is the only rigid shipping container and packing medium that can be molded by cutting and folding into almost any desired shape or size.


Going green with corrugated
In today’s world, recycling is vital to our future and the future of the environment and plays an important role in our economy. In 2015, 92.9 percent of all containerboard produced was recovered and recycled in the U.S. Corrugated materials and boxes have the best recycling rate of any other packaging material today. Even after its use as a shipping or storage container, the corrugated box is recycled and reused helping the economy and the environment.